Pressure Washing Ads - Stencil Marketing in Los Angeles, CA
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Pressure Washing Ads, California's Stencil Marketing Company!

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How It Works

We use 18 guage fabricated steel stencils which we layover dirty sidewalks. Then we use our HOT water pressure washers to pressure wash in and around the image or design in the stencil leaving a clean imprint of your design or image on the dirty sidewalk.

Effective Marketing

Pressure Washing Ads is effective marketing because everyone wants their ad to have the POP in it. I can tell you from personal experiences from doing other Pressure Washing Ads campaigns that your ad will attract attention of ordinary people walking down the street.

Environmentally Safe Advertising

Why not help the environment while getting your message out to others.

We Service All 50 United States For This Service

We have pre-screened and qualified pressure washing contractors that have experience in applying Pressure Washing Ads. Vince himself does all the Pressure Washing Ads in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.